Watercolor Fun

As you can see, I will obviously be talking about watercolor, but not so much about it but to show you my progress in it. Haha.

So, – on the left – , you can see the mountains with the sun, yeah well that was my first attempt and I obviously failed. LOL I gave up after that. BUT few days later, and I decided to pick up the brush up and start to paint something. At the time, I was not sure of what I would be painting. Anyway, I picked up the brush, wet it up a bit, and chose a random color (purple). Then as I did that I finally knew what I was gonna paint! A sunset (on the right).

Once, I had finished painting the sunset, I added mountains, the sea (which was originally going to be dress and trees) and little splashes of paint on the outskirts of the painting. I honestly love it, its simple and cute. BUT practice, practice, practice!! I also added the little black lines cause to me it felt to bleh so I had to make it pop by adding that little feature! 🙂

Well that’s all for this post!

Always remember,

Stay Humble, Be Kind & Be True. <3


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Welcome (:

Hey there!

So this is my actual first post on WordPress after hours and hours of trying to figure wordpress out and customizing the theme to my liking! Haha, very difficult since I have a specific style I love sticking to and thats usually minimalistic themes, like the one you’re currently viewing this on. (:

Anyways, I will be blogging more and with my blog I will be sharing experiences, youtube videos I made, and even advice! Not sure which directions I am going towards in but lets just call this my life blog. LOL. It’s a start, OH WELL. I am also in the process of updating my website layout @ Invisionn (which is my main site apart from this blogging one) & also uploading more content soon, I’ve just  been busy trying to decide how I want my layout and figuring out how to edit my youtube video and yada yada!

But anywho, this is it for now! I hope you guys enjoy your day, stay lit, stay positive and spread love <3


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