Watercolor Fun

As you can see, I will obviously be talking about watercolor, but not so much about it but to show you my progress in it. Haha.

So, – on the left – , you can see the mountains with the sun, yeah well that was my first attempt and I obviously failed. LOL I gave up after that. BUT few days later, and I decided to pick up the brush up and start to paint something. At the time, I was not sure of what I would be painting. Anyway, I picked up the brush, wet it up a bit, and chose a random color (purple). Then as I did that I finally knew what I was gonna paint! A sunset (on the right).

Once, I had finished painting the sunset, I added mountains, the sea (which was originally going to be dress and trees) and little splashes of paint on the outskirts of the painting. I honestly love it, its simple and cute. BUT practice, practice, practice!! I also added the little black lines cause to me it felt to bleh so I had to make it pop by adding that little feature! 🙂

Well that’s all for this post!

Always remember,

Stay Humble, Be Kind & Be True. <3


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